An immersive experience unlike anything else.

"Beyond is more than a festival. It is a diverse gathering that challenges conventional ideas to explore deeper truths and build a multidisciplinary community connecting those who have always felt there was something more, something beyond."


Past Musicians


Viken Arman

Viken is fusing ancient melodies with electronic beats to create magical vibes


YokoO’s music unbinds free flowing states of creativity in a deep connection to nature


Mati and Bodgan of famed Mardeleva, bring their experimental live exploration of strings and electronic sounds

Nikola Melnikov

Internationally renowned musician and classically trained pianist, composer, producer and audio-visual artist


Sonnet style is designed to make you move & captivate the audience with groovy sexy summer vibes


The trio bring an uplifting and energetic mix of melodic techno paired with indie, tribal and ethnic beats


The trio bring an uplifting and energetic mix of melodic techno paired with indie, tribal and ethnic beats

Past Practictioners


Anna with Yoga

Vinyasa and Yin yoga expert teacher, nutritionist

Tim Gusiev

Expert practitioner of traditional and alternative medicine disciplines Kinesiology & applied kinesiology

Maria Soledad

Leading practitioner of Alchemy Astrology, Tarot, and Meditation

Daniela Luna

An alternative medicine woman and ritual priestess from Mexico, offering sacred medicine journeys



Bibi Brozka

MindValley speaker, Sexuality & relationship coach

Alex Markov

Public speaking & confidence coach

Timur Yilmaz

Tedx Speaker on neuroscience and mindfulness

Jane Mill

Founder of Free Movement Laboratory, body, rhythm and movement coach

Beyond is an immersive experience built around community and connection


To reimagine music festivals and retreats to create a new type of live event that combines the best of both. To open people’s minds to new perspectives by taking them on journeys to less explored destinations. To unite people from different backgrounds and introduce them to different cultures and unique landscapes.

The Experience

At Beyond, we celebrate the new perspectives that each place, piece of art, and musical experience can offer. Each year, we move from one country to another, building unique programming carefully designed to highlight the beauty of each place we go to through immersive storytelling, traditional knowledge preservation, and reflection on the region’s mythology at our dreamy, magical night events.